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Fixed Deposits, investment in gold, and many other traditional options are losing grounds when trying to woo the new age investors. It has been observed that millennials are slow to start investing in stock market. But are they not educated enough about investment options?

A research from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies indicated that nearly three-quarters of millennials are saving for retirement and that they started doing so at an earlier age than previous generations.

So what are the millennials investing in? New Age Alternative Investments!

Decades back, traditional, yet alternative investments were very popular among ridiculously wealthy investors, who didn’t want to bother with high-risk options that could land them with either a disastrous failure or a blistering success – they already owned a lot of money and wanted to find safe, fun, and engaging ways to invest in order to retain their riches.

These alternative investments, in fact, tend to pay off in the digital age. They do require large amounts of money and are more liquid, but they are lucrative too, and not without benefits of their own. Examples of such investments are Fine Wines, Rare Art, Crypto Currencies and Internet Advertisements.
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We are a group of savvy new age investors. We are also a group of sales professionals with 20 over years of sales experience. We sell what we invest in, we put our money where our mouth is and we walk the talk.

The Paramount Group of Elites welcomes you to join us in a whole new journey of investing. Together we invest in alternative new investments with lucrative returns in the first mover market and with our loyalty program, earn residue income and be a shareholder in projects we invest in.
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Along the way, you’ll enjoy exclusive perks and benefits that elevate your experiences to new heights. Through innovative thinking and a commitment to quality, we bring our Paramount Elites Members the best value proposition possible.
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Thanks to the size of our community and the partnerships we foster, we’re able to offer you investment choices so you can choose what works best with your lifestyle and budget. At all levels, you can enjoy access to unique investing experiences and take advantage of paramount elites at exclusive prices.